make it home

We are constantly on the move. We connect on social media as we hop between cities. We thrive on urban experience and its hectic, sophisticated ways. Equally, we also long for a calmer life connected with nature and surrounded with less clutter and more lasting, authentic objects. dhoku connects these two worlds by introducing a raw, handmade element to the homes of the urban nomads everywhere. A trademark of nomadic cultures, rugs and kilims have long been an essential element of what defines home – be it a humble tent or a grandiose mansion.Appealing to all senses, dhoku creates a centerpiece to relax and socialize around; or better yet, to sit on its handwowen organic materials colored with natural dyes. Hailing from the centuries old Grand Bazaar of Istanbul, dhoku is a forward-thinking brand translating Anatolia’s rich heritage into contemporary designs. Innovative weaving techniques meet explorations in new patterns and three dimensional designs as dhoku crosses beyond the boundaries of traditional rug making practices and contributes to sustainability of centuries old cultures and fair trade practices.